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Restructuring Security Agencies to Respond to Threats — 2 Comments

  1. Much truth on the current, entrenched reality and great suggestion on at least attempting to move back towards a more citizen-based system. The catch, however, is ever just that; the citizen. How much and in what ways do “the people” want to be involved in their own government? And can a democratic system (in some form anyway) be truly “progressive” in the truest, people sustainable and sustaining sense such that it neither devolves toward the two extremes (totalitarian or anarchist)?

    • Totalitarian and anarchist systems reflect a lower stages of social development, and there is always a chance things will devolve. Citizen involvement requires widespread ownership of property and voluntary private sector organizations. This encourages people to be self-reliant as well as live for others. Democratic systems require such people to function, and checks and balances must also be in place for democratic systems not to collapse. Many of the checks and balances the US founders put in place have, unfortunately, been removed, and we see many of the conditions that enabled US democracy to work being undermined.

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