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Playing with a Full Deck: Trump Tweets, Tarot Cards, and Creative Transformation — 2 Comments

  1. When I think or Trumps tweets, unforced errors come to my mind, not imaginative concepts. I think what people say counts, especially public figures and most certainly the office of the President. When Trump said, “we do not need NATO,” his Secretaries of State and Defense had to state what the policy of the government really was. Certainly he is free to communicate in any way he chooses, and his tweets and what appears to be random comments are central to keeping what would be stories that would fade quickly to evolve into unforced errors, and has ngoing controversies, to use a tennis analogy. Maybe Tarot cards are not my thing.

    In my state of Pennsylvania, Trump won by 44,000 votes out of over 6.0 million cast, the thinnest of margins. It was a remarkable victory here as registered Democrats out number registered Republican by over 900,000. We elected a Democratic governor two years ago unseating a Republican, making him a one term governor, which has not been the norm here. I think this governor will be reelected in 2018. The difference was turnout in rural area, which was over 70% in many places. They are expecting jobs to return to areas where economic growth ended sometimes 40 years ago. We live on the edge of such areas. The President and the Congress need to deliver a lot more than imaginative tweets to keep these folks as true believers.

    The Democratic governor and the Republican controlled legislature here just passed a public pension reform bill that converts funding to a mix of traditional pension funding and 401K style funding. They are also close to changing how public education if funded. We also have beefed up our own transportations n funding, not waiting for D.C. To come up with something. Solid lefislative work, a lot less grandstanding and no imaginative communications seem to be working here.

    • I am glad to hear of constructive things being accomplished in Pennsylvania. It should be easier to get enough consensus at the state level than in Washington. I was not advocating that we try to solve problems through Tarot or tweets, but I have seen them spark both more gossip and constructive thinking than the establishment there, because that legislation is largely controlled by political parties and lobbyists, and a sign of that is lockstep party voting that reveals very little creative or no ndependent thought. Something like tweets might not solve problems, but it is shaking a few things up so they be able to think about constructive change later.

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