Three Spheres of Society:

Society consists of three spheres, cultural, political, and economic. Each sphere is characterized by a major purpose and principle:



Major Principle


Social Consciousness



Rule of Law



Production of Goods


These principles apply at all levels. At the individual level, all three spheres are integrated in the individual. When a head of household, clan, or tribe is a leader with authority like a king, all three spheres remain under the control of an individual. In modern states, these three spheres contain social institutions with differentiated functions. Their relationship should be defined by a constitution.

The evolution of social spheres

The evolution of the relationship between church and state began in the Roman Empire with division of heads, but forced doctrine on the cultural sphere, which should be based on love, creating social stagnation. This evolved with the freedom of religion first in the Netherlands, and next in the United States, evolving into excessive separation of social consciousness from social instituions. The relationship between these two spheres is still not integral.

The relationship to the economic sphere has never been appropriately defined. Modern corporate capitalism has attempted to control governments, while communism and Keynesianism attempt to make the economic sphere subservient to government. Neither of these approaches reflects an organic integral approach.

Oppression of society by a social sphere



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