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U.S. Founders would likely Prohibit Sale of Firearms to Federal Agencies — 2 Comments

  1. This is an interesting issue on Executive authority to enforce Congressional laws through armed federal agencies. These federal agencies would be independent and autonomous from local and State law enforcement. Thus, leading to ” factional” conflicts of interest between federal offices and local law enforcement agencies. As it seems, the Supreme Court has not addressed this situation that is contrary to Articles of the Constitution. It would seem that a century of wars and national military conscription had allowed this situation to occur. The World Wars created the necessity of forming a national militia and defense system under a Secretary of War. Over time, federal agencies with Congressional consent began to assume authority over domestic law enforcement. As it seems this trend of increasing federal authority is represented in all Executive Cabinet positions and their national reach. The reach of over arching federal authority can be further seen in the IRS, FDA, EPA, customs-immigration, national health and human services. Finally, this trend was accelerated by the war on terrorism. It is the trend towards excessive federal consolidation and a type of national socialism. And, with this trend States and local communities are loosing influence and control of the power of a government of the people.

    • Like other problems the US political system faces today, this problem of federal-level police in different agencies is a result of unchecked bureaucratic “creep” where federal politicians and bureaucrats have incrementally sought to expand their authority and their own security, creating an inevitable conflict with right of citizens to protect themselves against government.(1) The Supreme Court was designed to stop this behavior, but it has failed to do so. Judge Robert Bork, who recently passed away, wrote that when the Supreme Court justices lose their understanding of the founder’s intent, then they just act on their own conscience in ways that are arbitrary and serve themselves rather than the system as a whole. The Court may not be able to act unless someone brings a case against the legality these agencies, but its track record on other cases of federal expansion has been to support it, because they are a branch of the federal system and gain power for themselves when the federal government expands.

      Note: (1) In a letter to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “The Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth.”

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