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Why Removing Party from Ballots would Improve Government — 1 Comment

  1. I am an independent who has always voted based on conscience and issues, never based on so-called partisan loyalty.

    I agree with you. For decades I’ve been saying the same thing. Private clubs (gangs) should not be recognized on public ballots, not to mention receiving perpetual protections and free advertising funded by our tax dollars.

    They turn an informed citizenry of AMERICANS into clique-mentality PARTISANS. Most of the us-against-them hate speech of today comes from party-manipulated ‘sheeple’ who have abandon critical thinking and forsake personal responsibility.

    The media conglomerates run by partisans, and the convention delegates may thrive by creating a culture of group-indentified followers, but our Country and its citizenry does not.

    Our Constitutional Republic becomes severely dysfunctional when it becomes dependent upon a society of cliques (adults who revert to a form of perpetual junior-high psychosis when it comes to politics). Those claimimg tolerance and enlightenment actually becime the pawns of intolerance and closed-mindedness. They see those holding opposing viewpoints as enemies; peer pressure, bullying, censorship, demonizing, and violence follows (as we are seeing the elevation of such with increasing regularity as of late).

    Being a united people is NOT the same as being a unified sheeple. An attitude of respectful pluralism (we for all) is NOT the same as a spirit of hypocritical partisanship (us against them).

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