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The Smaller the Government, the Greater the Representation — 3 Comments

  1. I think you have hit on a point; we need leaders who will run on this litmus test: “The basic litmus test is whether the legislation you are proposing will improve your personal position, or will make the system run smoother.” Expose selfishness everywhere. To combat all of the junk and chatter out there, we have to get back to the articulation of simple clear definitions of principles, such as subsidiarity and republicanism.

  2. Now you have to “follow the money” to expose corruption. However, if you followed the founders process of legislation on single items, lobbying would make no sense and all lobbyists would go home. Rule would be by the people. Of course property values in Washington would tank.

  3. Prepetual peace ” if it is applied the world would be peaceful.
    Smaller governments some time act as Masters not servants,we need stern and strong accountabilty system which could handle a small and large group of rulers.
    President Obama, I think have few secratries but look at their attitudes how do they act.Some time it seems they have hijacked the entire world in the name of democracy and put America at stake ,ecnomically and socially.
    Dr Gordon,I think these people ( rulres) must respect the people in the world instead of their wishes. People wether they are American, Arabs, Asian or African they are loving and want peace,the group of some people in fact, has increased the resentmet among the people due to their wrong policies.

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