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Growing Patent Abuse by Corporations: Seed extinction and bio-piracy — 3 Comments

  1. In the market place of goods, service and ideas, monopolies governed by self interest are nearly always harmful. Monsanto Corporation is cited in this article on their attempt to exert monopolistic control over seeds used in food production. Plant DNA can be modified to produce plants that can be resistant to insects, disease, drought and chemicals used to control pests. Genetically engineered seeds and the plants produced can produce astonishingly high yields. Thus, the food supply can be quickly magnified by the GE plants. Arguably, in this way gains can be made in the fight to reduce starvation and malnutrition. Yet these optimistic benefits do not come without concerns. The concern over the harmful consequences of a monopoly of an essential resource like seed. It is an unfortunate reality that Monsanto Corporation could exert selfish domination over the market for GE plant seed. At the same time can Monsanto claim economic entitlement for something that is blown freely and uncontrollably in the wind? Another concern that GE organisms could become so dominant that other species would lose their place in the biosphere. Science does not know the long term consequences to the environment by GE organisms. We will have to wait and see. At the same time naturalists are aware that invasive species can dramatically overrun some environments and create environmental chaos. These kinds of natural monopoly or single species domination are also harmful. The issue of GE organisms is complicated by the potential benefits of high yields, less waste and efficiency. The issue becomes clouded by the harmful consequences of single species domination or an economic monopoly driven by selfish interest. In the end, the management of these conflicts will be in the hands of scientists and representative government to limit the harmful effects of artificial and natural monopolies.

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