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Seven Moral Reasons Governments Should Not Borrow Money — 2 Comments

  1. Good article. I particularly appreciated that you point out that government borrowing transfers wealth from the poor to the rich eventually.
    I would only suggest that you do more research on the Fed. It is not a part of the US government. True, it is unique amongst banks in that the govt has a marginal role in selecting it’s leadership, but in fact it is a private corporation that makes interest on every dollar in circulation.
    There is absolutely no need for a government to pay interest on it’s own currency. The Fed’s charter expires early in 2013. God willing, it will be shut down at hat time, and the American govt will be free of that parasite…

  2. Any governement which borrows money has lost credibility. Citizens pay and suffer.Rulers, hardly spend money for the people’s welfare rather they enjoy themselves and finaly after their departuer from their offices citizens pay heavy taxes to return the country’s debt.

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