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Rethinking Government Jobs: Civil Service for College — 2 Comments

  1. Gordon; a real simple solution would be to open these jobs for bid to the private sector. What do you think on those lines?

  2. Charles, some jobs that require special skill or large amounts of capital could be bid out to people in the private sector. They are probably done better and with more efficiency in many cases. However, many jobs are related to the enforcement of authority and the results are not always successful because this is not an economic task. The privatization of prisons has not been met with great success, for example. And, a simple task like a TSA security inspector, is probably better done by an unskilled high school grad who will be less expensive, gain appreciation for the government, and get an education as a result. It is one way that a government can help develop a better workforce.

    The government/economic sector interface is one that can go two ways. In the one case government workers can turn into parasites at taxpayer expense, on the other hand government contractors can become overly dependent on contracts and become parasites as well–a case in point is Halliburton.

    I personally favor a system in which many higher-level government positions are elected and fewer appointed. Then, for each agency to develop a system somewhat like the army where the bulk of labor is done by young recruits, however, with a leaner overhead than 6 support staff for each man in the field. Rather, in civil service positions, there should be six people in the field for each support staff, that would serve more as a parent/trainer.

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