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Ending Combined Legislation is the First Step to Fixing Washington — 4 Comments

  1. Gordon I have always ( stand alone bills ), These 2000+ page monsters are filled with all manner of mischief. If it takes a whole staff of Lawyers a week to read it they need to toss it in the circular file and start over.

  2. Large bills are generally a result of combined special interests. Sometimes explanations or qualifications are required, but there should be no “devil in the details.” In well-run private institutions, items presented to a board can be condensed to one page. In a well-written research paper, the thesis can be condensed to one sentence. These are signs of quality work, whereas large meandering tomes are generally signs of poor quality writing. Thus, a 2,000 page bill in Congress speaks loudly about its general incompetence. This gets verified when no one in Washington is capable of predicting the consequences of the legislation. All we know for sure is that each special interest has something in it for them, and a lot of new bureaucratic agencies will add financial overhead and rationing to the healthcare system. Because this is a government action, and government only act through power, there is no theoretical way Obamacare could create a more responsive, personal, or efficient health care system.

    Governments, by nature, can prevent harm but they cannot enforce good. Any healthcare legislation a government passes, should be to penalize doctors, hospitals, or insurance companies when they cause harm to occur to healthcare patients. The government should not be involved with the provision of care except to penalize harmful practices. One of these harmful practices is conflicts of interest when insurance companies own hospitals or patient-care facilities. In this case, the insurance company, like a government will turn to rationing services. Thus government should promote some checks and balances, but never collect money or pay any of the bills.

  3. Gordon; I think I asked before; How do we get anyone in congress to read these blogs and respond. Do they just want not to know what we are concerned about. It seemes to me they Glory in flailing around in brush fires, spreading them rather than snuffing them and arn’t the least concerned about truth or possible solutions.

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