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20 Unheeded Warnings in Washington’s Farewell Address — 20 Comments

  1. I am blessed to have seen this article and again. Thank you for this article. I think America needs this to talk about and learn from it and put this in effect. But I don’t Know how long before that happens.

  2. Our founding fathers were geniuses. They would also be spinning in their graves if they could see the mess we’re in today.

    • Although the founding fathers’ bodies are rotting intheir graves, not to worry about spinning. Most of them are in Heaven and not in the least concerned about what is happening on earth. They know God in a way Christians will someday realize. They’re experiencing eternal peace and rest as they praise and worship the God who gave them the ideas that made possible the most amazing “idea” of a human government that was revolutionary in its’ scope for freedom never before seen in the history of the world. What we learn from history makes us wise. What we refuse to study and apply makes us fools. I guess the foolish is the mess! Thanks for understanding

  3. #5 of Washington’s warnings makes total sense. The Electoral College should absolutely be abolished. It allows special interests and the political power allegiances to control elections. The candidate that the American people want by popular vote mostly never gets elected. Instead the delegates that are awarded to the candidates through the primaries gets designated through the vote of the delegates, that have their own biased opinions. Nation by the people….don’t think so!!

    • Special interests have more power over the political parties than the electoral college, and I think that political parties were primarily Washington’s concern in his speech. However, that does not mean the electoral college is not without its own problems, since most states are “winner take all,” meaning that the winner of the popular vote in a state gets all the electoral votes for a state. I think the system was meant to put states in the middle, between the people and the Federal Government because the founders viewed the system as a union of states and not one nation state. That only occurred after the Civil War and Constitutional Amendments through 1913, which turned the voluntary union of states into a Federal Empire.

  4. It looks to me like both Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump have read and appreciate George Washington. I am seeing more and more clearly why Dr. Ben endorsed Donald Trump. Keep in mind that this is the way our government was established and for good reasons. I believe that when Donald Trump becomes President, we will return to these principles as the congress and people allow.

  5. Our nation is young. We have no garrentee. Rome was a super power, but now it is nought. Repent USA. We need God more than ever. Don’t trust in wisdom, technology, our riches are a farce.

  6. Labor Unions have nothing to do with what is taught in schools. That was really unnecessary.

    The rest of the article is great.

    • Go study the history of the unions in this country. Then realize what kind of influence they have had on education from a new perspective. Having been a teamster and other union member, I have watched their influence since I was a teen and believe me, educate yourself.

  7. We have become what we are because we have aloud people to destroy us from within. Our greatest enemy is ignorance of how government should work. The government has become to large to let we the people govern it. Most of our elected officials are interested in self and some are corrupt before they get into office. The laws they pass should apply to all including them as well and they should be held accountable for there mistakes the same as you and I. Government officials should not receive anything that we the people don’t receive like free health insurance and salary for live instead of social security and medicare. It is time we the people take our nation back before it is gone forever like Rome. Morals and GOD needs to be brought back to America. GOD BLESS AMERICA & IT PEOPLE.

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