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Republican Tax Plan does part of the Job, Democrats will need to do the Other Half — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Gordon for this thought provoking article. At least in Pennsylvania where I live, where several moderate Republicans are resigning in 2018, I fully expect many Democrats to fill in those seats.

  2. Thank you Gordon! Your clear thinking is so comforting, and your humility makes dialogue possible. Because I worked for a nonprofit, started a nonprofit, and contribute to nonprofits, and because I’ve done fundraising for nonprofits, I have a strong feeling that this type of corporation really is needed. The type of services they provide are unsustainable without the help of many donors. And our civilization will not survive without the work they are doing. But your other ideas are stimulating and helpful, and your voice deserves a larger audience, it seems to me. I’m going to share this article you wrote, but I wish I were sharing you as a person, and not only with a few friends, but within the general discourse of today’s world.

    • Kristin, First, one way to spread the discussion is to share the post on any discussion groups you think would be interested. Second, non-profit status certainly should get more discussion. There are a couple of different issues. If no corporations paid taxes, then a charitable organization would not need the exemption for itself to avoid paying taxes. The reason would be to offer a donor a deduction to encourage charity. That has to be closely policed if it exists. I have attended many extravagant social events funded by nonprofits where someone could gather important people around him and nourish his ego in the name of peace. No actual charity takes place. Same with churches. A bunch of friends can throw social events and deduct them from their taxes because a church pays for them. Real charity would take place if you paid your taxes first and then helped other individuals after contributing your fair share to your country.

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