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Will Trump’s Tax Policy Serve the Middle Class? — 2 Comments

  1. Your objections to the Republican answers to a convoluted tax code is over simplistic and uninformed.
    One must also be able to understand actuary principles of cause and effect to begin understanding why any such solution would be put forth.
    To merely dismiss them as Democrats do, you invest in nothing at all.
    Democrats have led our Federal Government the majority of the time since our country’s inception.
    The last four years was their opportunity to have bold solutions.
    Instead, they served only themselves by taxing us with healthcare.
    It is the conservatives turn, let’s see what they do before we poo poo their ideas.
    You will have to admit, your conclusions are only your best guess.

  2. I do admit that I am only speculating that Trump’s initial proposals will be diluted by partisan interests. You seem to be agreeing that Trump’s initial tax plans will be trumped by Republican tax plans. I think you confirm my point that Republicans now feel emboldened by Trump’s success because they were voted in on his coattails. Since many of their traditional proposals are at odds with, or at least neutralize, tax plans Trump promised in the campaign–which were neither Republican nor Democrat based–my article was meant as a warning to watch and see if the Congress will really support him or put in their own plan that will benefit traditional elites at the expense of the middle class who voted for Trump.

    Trump is said to unveil his plan in a couple of weeks, so I will be anxious to see whether it will include policies harmful to average Americans or help them. It will be particularly interesting if it will eliminate the need to fill IRS 1040s by people earning less than $50,000 and if he can half the size of the IRS staff. This was a particularly interesting idea that should serve as a test as to what will happen.

    It is good for the public to talk about these things before they unveil a plan, or the public gets a plan, like Obamacare, that is hatched in a back room without open discussion and the public gets to see what’s in it after it is passed.

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