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Terrorist Expatriation Act (TEA): A New Type of Tea Party? — 2 Comments

  1. For some American citizens, who generally familiar with the US Justice system based upon Constitutional principles, individual rights and the obligations of due process, would be taken back the attempt by Congressman Lieberman, Dent, Altmire and Brown, to strip persons of their citizenship status while being suspected of perpetrating criminal acts . As it seems the general rule of presumed innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt has slipped beneath the waves. The Congressmen’s behavior is likened to the behavior of sharks that smell blood in the water. Their thinking is shallow. In their minds they must have reason to believe that suspected terrorists are a different kind of person unfit for the machinations of due process of justice. Unlike other parts of the world where justice is metered out by the whim of tyrants, the United States must prove itself different by its example and committment to the rules of humanity and law. Only under the most extreme circumstance of last resort shall inhumanity be dealt with equal inhumanity. Nevertheless, suspected mass murders ( terrorists ) of innocent civilians shall be treated in the same manner as other violent criminals under the equal protections of citizenship. It would be better that the Terrorsit Expatriate Act ( TEA ) be doussed in the Boston Bay. As for the Congressional authors of the bill, they deserve their just desserts at the brooding and brewings of the other Tea Party.

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