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Gulf Oil Spill Another Indication of the Need for Regulatory Reform — 2 Comments

  1. Another excellent analysis. To paraphrase Gordon, the corruption largely consists of the fact that the regulators are being coopted by (or are even the very same as) the regulatees. Andf of course, this has been happening in other sectors as well – SEC, FDA, etc.

    Should college students be trusted to grade themselves? Should the patient prescribe the cure for his own illness?

    Separating the functions – for example revenue collection and regulation – into separate and independent agencies is the way to go. I believe that this is in fact what Interior Secretary Salazar is proposing to do.

    A problem that is even more fundamental than our corrupt and dysfunctional political bureaucracy, is our enslavement to oil, and to economic growth in perpetuity. Neither of these two can go on for ever.

    The Gulf disaster almost seems like the beginning of armageddon. I don’t truly believe in doomsday scenarios (e.g. 2012). We’ll probably muddle through this one too, as we have muddled through everything else. But this is one more nail in our coffin. One would hope that this crisis, in addition to leading to regulatory reform, would also be a wake-up call to move away from oil DRASTICALLY (as Chernobyl and TMI were the death-knell for nuclear energy – which, by the way, I favor), and also to re-examine the notion that the environment exists to feed industrial-economic growth in perpetuity.

  2. Excellent points you have made here with this article. I read it all several times just to ensure I’d been reading you correctly. I love your own stance and I shall be sure to come back here.

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