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Government Housing and the Coming Health Insurance Bubble — 1 Comment

  1. As always, a well-informed and intelligent analysis. What can I say? Regarding Obama’s health care reform (which seems to be passing, as of today, March 21), I confess to be on the opposite side.

    I wont re-iteriate my reasons (35 million hitherto uninsured people will now get health insurance, the problems of portability and exclusion based on prior condition will be addressed, etc.).

    But here is the thing: Gordon may well be right. We may regret this, and the cure may well be worse than the illness. The future will tell.

    My support for Obama’s health care reform is based on faith, hope and precedents: I simply HOPE that the reforms which seem to be passing Congress today will, while being far from perfect, at least help.

    I also look at (1) existing federal social programs in this country and (2) health insurance in Western Europe:

    (1) American Social Security and Medicare have been CENTRAL to the wellbeing of hundreds of millions of Americans for half a century. Life without these programs is inconceivable. My hope is that health care will be similar to those programs.

    (2) Health care in Germany, France, Scandinavia, the Benelux, Canada, Swizterland, etc, is better, cheaper and more effective than it is here. It blends the public and the private sector in different ways, varying from country to country. We could do worse than modeling ourselves after such countries.

    I prefer to compare ourselves with these successful countries than with Poland (or my native Hungary), which are poor and struggling.

    There is no question that local and grassroots are better than national and federal, small is better than big, close is better than distant. Habitat is a valid and interesting model. Self-reliance and self-determination are better than dependency on Big Brother. It is impossible to disagree with Gordon’s values.

    But I am torn. The health care situation in this country has become so catastrophic that something had to be done, and for now, I support the federal effort.

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