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A Different Solution to Concentrated Economic Power is Needed — 2 Comments

  1. Best two solutions yet, I also beleive in the separation of government and economic system. Every job for the government is to be non-profit, yet pay a living wage. Military, health care…… No private enterprise can make profit from the taxation of the people.
    Rev. Gregory Wilson

  2. Yes, “public service” should be done with the spirit that you are serving the larger society, not that government jobs are there for personal financial secuirty. However, people in such jobs should be compensated as public servants–like most not-for-profit organizations compensate people that work for them.

    My Dec 20, 2010 and Jan. 4 2011 articles also suggest that there is merit in not viewing government service jobs as lifetime security, and many of them even as training for adult citizenship.

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