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Congress Shall Make no Law Respecting an Establishment of Commerce — 2 Comments

  1. The emergence of the modern nation state can be traced back in history to the phenomena of the citizen-militia- sovereignty. It is a simple model of a tribal society organizing itself along the principles of self preservation – the emergence of norms of social relationship and the formation of militias that served the purposes of self defense and
    internal stability. Empires and cultures would rise and fall based upon forcefulness of its military leaders, and the creative and administrative effectiveness of the citizens. This citizen- militia – sovereignty model was evident in ancient times and it is one model that describes modern nation states. When trying to understand the rise and fall of nation states, two primary kinds of competition are evident. Competition occurs externally and internally. First, externally, nations come into competition with neighboring nations over control of productive resources, land, people and cultural dominance. Secondly, nations have internal competition among smaller internal citizen groups vying for self interest and leadership dominance. The rise and fall of nations and civilizations can be traced to the outcomes of these kinds of competitions for self determination, leadership and control. This same kind of analysis can be applied to the United States. The model of the citizen soldier goes back to the nation’s first President, Geo. Washington. In the more than two hundred years since the founding of the U.S., the complexity of external competition has increased resulting world wars. The power sharing norms of governance outlined by the Constitution are being stretched and disputed. Furthermore, the competition among special interest citizen groups has also multiplied to crisis levels. A disturbing type of class warfare seems to be emerging between the very wealthy and the working classes. The problems arising from commercial disputes are symptomatic of deeper and more fundamental ills. As a nation, the citizens have become confused over the norms of proper reciprocal behaviors that sustain its social existence. The loss of a clear understanding of the norms of proper reciprocal behavior touch every aspect of society. In other words corruption, greed and selfishness begin to take over and accelerate special interest competition, resulting in incivility, anger, inequity and social breakdown. The American model of citizen-militia sovereignty is face two major threats. One, external competition and foreign security threats and the other an internal danger from excessive special interest competition seeking dominance. Undoubtedly, new leadership needs to emerge to address these issues.

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