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Real Climate Stewardship: Reduce Flaring Oil Wells and Encourage Clean Coal Plants — 3 Comments

  1. This article is very well-informed. It makes many undisputable points. The disposition of sulphur and methane, the fixation on CO2, the need for nuclear energy, the relationship between environmentally responsible behavior and being an educated/developed/affluent society, and more.

    I am not knowledgeable enough to either agree with, or to dispute your evaluation of the Copenhagen conference, or Cap and Trade policies, which seem to make some sense to me.

    Regarding the Third World, and more generally the global environmental crisis, I remain a Malthusian. In the end, it is simply the aggregate world population – and its collective level of consumption -which must be controled. For example, there are now about a billion cars on earth, including a ratio of 1 car per capita in the US and 1 car for every 2 people in Europe and in Japan. Now let’s say that in 20 years China will have one car for every 2 inhabitants too, and India, Brazil, etc. 1 per 5. This alone would double the number of cars to 2 billion, and then we go beyond that, to 3 or 4 billion. This is not sustainable. We’ll choke.
    Look at Africa, too: despite AIDS, its population continues to grow FIVE times more rapidly that ours. The Malthusian checks become inevitable – war, disease and starvation. Auguste Comte said it best: Demography is Destiny.

    But look: The article is fine. It is only provocative in the sense that it elicits further thought and discussion. That’s good.

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