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The Decline of the “Middle Class” and the Rise of Industrial Feudalism — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting concept “a strong middle class is required for democracy to work.” until it stops working… the fallacy of those who think that a democracy is something to strive for. The total bastardization of this republic is at hand and the thought of continuing it is supported (the bastardization) by the plutocracy and the useful idiots who feed off the middle class to a point where there is no longer a middle class, but rather a victimization of those too lazy to realize that the champions of their dreams (whom ever they happen to be) are the very ones who are shackling them together.

  2. This is very good and has many good points that should be implemented in America.
    But this is too long and should be condenced-so we can pass it on to evereyone.
    I may be able to forward part of this.
    Thanks and God Bless You!

  3. America was made great through its founding values and exercised its greatness more in its generosity than in conquest or imposition.
    But now America faces headwinds of ruthless partisanship, imperial over
    -reach, and economic implosion. Who among us—at least those who are honest and not blinded by aim-less nationalism—would not admit that our nation has lost its way?

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