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The High Road Response to the Death of Osama bin Laden — 4 Comments

  1. Gordon, very thoughtful piece. This should be an op-ed in some major print media. This is the true headwing position. Osama was an “obstacle” to the New Era of Peace, and was “invited” to spirit world.

    We should not be celebrating his death or gloating about our military might. I know this is a difficult point to accept–nonetheless it is the way forward. Thank you for articulating it with style and grace.

  2. Thank You Mr. Anderson. My personal response was stoic with some little sense of “relief”. If my fellow Americans want to celebrate because that is the first instinct, then I am happy for them in a reserved way. But one week later, we should reflect on the Bible passage cited.

  3. Agreed what is mentioned in this piece.Some time human being cannot control over emotions.
    Hundred and tsnads people got relieif with Osama’s death,but that is alos fact many protested in Pakistan and paid his funeral prayer, even people in UK (Muslim) conducted funeral paryer.
    One enemy of Islam,Muslim had died and he had left many ,we have to fight with them.
    So, monster (the enemy of humanity),are still active and targetting innocent people where ever they get opportunity.
    We reactrationally not emotionally.

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