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New Book: Toward a Truly Free Market — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Dr. Anderson for reviewing this book; your book and this one are perfect COMPANION WORKS that should be diligently read, widely shared and deeply discussed with anyone in public office. Any candidate running for office should be asked how they intend to implement the principle of subsidiarity.

    As a student of economics, I found the author’s argument for returning economics to the “humane” sciences convincing; which then requires that equity and justice be factored into the equilibrium equation. What I’m interested in – and everyone I talk to – is a sustainable system. We all know the path we are on is unsustainable; this book explains clearly – in economic terms – what what must be done. I find that tremendously exciting!

  2. John C. Medaille is coming to Philadelphia tonight to give a talk to the Georgist movement there, in Henry George’s birthplace. He is interested in finding ways to cooperate, since he feels the Georgists need the Distributists and vice versa. How about building up a network of like-minded thinkers and making plans to reach out and educate people in large numbers? I think there is enough in common in our thinking that there will be much room for cooperation, and all of it is pointless unless it is somewhere implemented in real-world policy. This website is a great step in the process. What else can we do?

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