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The Federalist Papers and the Control of Bureaucratic Centralization — 2 Comments

  1. ” … the failure of public schools teach principles as important to voting as addition is to bookkeeping.”

    With recent financial crisis on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, there’s evidence to argue that the relationship of arithmetic’s to bookkeeping and public accounting has been deconstructed to the point that the relationship cannot be explained even before a Congressional hearing. In other words, accounting equations don’t add up into real numbers. The reason for the imbalance is self-deception, corporate malfeasance, and the failure of fiduciary duties by elected representatives. An unsuspecting and an economically naive electorate has been willingly duped by public school academicians, corrupt financiers and career politicians.

    Our Constitutional system of checks and balances has skid off road and rushed headlong into a swampy ravine. We are stuck in the muck. I doubt that the Federalist papers-driving manual will be much help in this critical off the road situation. A new driver can not get behind the steering wheel then read the Federalist manual and back this vehicle out of the mud; we’re in too deep.

    • We are on course of having to deal with a tragedy. Often the initial reaction to tragic news is immediate denial; followed by confusion and anger. After a period of questioning and rationalization then a sense of reality sets in. Sometimes the reality is a deep feeling of emptiness, loss and depression. It is a process of grieving. I think large portions of the American people fall into these categories of dealing with tragedy. The wealthy and the power elites are still in denial locked into a false sense of entitlement and privilege. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movement backlash reactions that represent anger. To a large degree people are feeling powerless and saddened by the current state of national affairs. Our nation is in need of grief counseling and having to face a different kind of future. It is looking for new leadership while having to suffer the task of letting go of the old attachments and unfulfilled expectations. It is a healing task that will take many years.

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