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Analysis of a Political Virus — 3 Comments

  1. Very good and accurate analysis. I don’t like it when people who work for the government say that are working in the ‘public sector’ thus trying to give the impression they are public minded and thus beyond the kind of motivations they think are dominant in the ‘private sector’.

    I just cannot imagine how things can change unless there is complete financial and economic meltdown such that the state goes bankrupt and new constitutional amendments can prevent the situation developing again. Russia had this chance and only partially took it. The UK did it in the 1980s under Mrs Thatcher because of the collapse of the UK economy and public finances in the 1970s. But she didn’t have time to go the whole way returning welfare, health and education to civil society.

    The reason the US managed to do so well is that you had a reasonably clean slate after becoming independent and a healthy political culture with good ideas inherited from Locke, Hume and others. Modern day political culture is badly formed which is why the European constitution is such a messy document. It was written by poachers, not gamekeepers.

    I cannot see a way out of it as too many people are now beneficiaries of the system. Gordon Brown set up a system so that nearly everyone receives some money from state welfare. Thus all are dependent and not willing to take the risk of independence in case they are worse off.

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