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Will the United States Collapse or Decentralize? — 4 Comments

  1. A discussion could be started about the decentralization of the fiscal structure of America. Blocks of states would be organized along the existing borders that make up the Federal Banking districts. Thus, blocks of states would work together that would take into account their regional characteristics. This would be a fundamental shift away from the central control in Washington D.C.
    Washington has incrementally come to resemble the economic command structure of former communist and socialist countries.
    As evidenced by the recent fiscal crisis of 2008 and the economic downturn in Europe, central command economies are too vulnerable to the failure of centralized economic authorities. The best example of this failure was the collapse of the former Soviet Union. As it seems the Chinese economists and politburo are not blind to the lessons taught by the Russian experience. Recent economic gains made by the Chinese can be attributed to regional economic entrepreneurship and decentralized fiscal controls. At the same time they are extremely wary of the economic troubles that are happening in the US and EU. Unfortunately, Congress is dragging its feet on real economic revitalization, decentralization and reform. In fact Congress has become much like the shrinking American middle class that is living from paycheck to paycheck.

  2. we as a nation have come to far to fast. we lost our way not just with religion but our since of basic moral value. this generations offspring will be the finale straw as there is no moral fiber and no real ethics as a whole. be it due to bad parenting, no parenting or older teenagers seeing what is going on with the borrowing of the federal system and the amount of bailouts they get to see make them have no since of value. i wish this wasn’t true but i believe this is but part of what will move the united states to a breakdown and a break up of the basic structure that has served as the basis of the united states. prove me wrong

  3. tell me what is there to moderate in my post. there is nothing in the page about violence, the take over or overthrow of our society nor a word of racism. my post was of a parent of 5 and all having two parents in a middle class home and experiencing what we all are seeing daily. moderate all forms comments as the written word printed will only be allowed by the group that allows it to be printed. live free and live without the support of others as one can only rely on ones self then of others

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