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The Blind Leading the Blind (or Children Raising Children) — 2 Comments

  1. These words cannot be said often enough. Thank you for your wise article. These are problems encountered at least all over the western world and it is very hard to see how to do something about it. I believe however that God will raise up capable leaders that we can support, but things may be a lot worse before it becomes better I think. As a European I am especially worried for America at this time. American leadership in the world is not clear any more and America has many problems. I pray for America at this time and that God may raise it up once more. God bless you Gordon and God bless America.

  2. They don’t grow without learning the lessons of history, In fact they grow without learning at all! And the pity of this situation is the pity it is creating.The fight of morals, humble conscience and ethical makeup is lagging. Sad but true :/

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